Ski school

There may be no thrill in skiing more soul-satisfying than seeing an entire mountain laid out before you, unsullied bya single slash. The beauty. The potential. The promise that every turn will be asimmaculate as the last, an epiphany that endures from top to bottom. These are moments that don't just make a day; they justify a lifetime on the slopes. Exploring the mountains alone can be rewarding, but skiing is generally a dish best served with company-a fact well known to the countless ski clubs, church groups, school programs and race teams sprinkled across the continent. Skiing has an almost magical ability to forge deep bonds in short order, creating connective tissue between people who otherwise might not see one another for years (or speak to each other ever). If you're lucky enough to ski often, you'll accumulate a collection of lifelong friendships. We certainly have.

Snow Sport Academy Mavrovo

Info: +389 71 50 60 70


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